Mouse Biology Program, U.C. Davis

Live Mice

Live mice are available from academic resources such as the KOMP repository and the MMRRC. In addition, the Mouse Biology Program (MBP) would be happy to create custom targeted or transgenic mice for you from concept through creation and anywhere in between. Please visit the CREATE MICE for additional information on services we offer.

There may be a product available for your gene of interest, please visit the Got Mice section of our help page and we will perform a search of academic and commercial resources to find a mouse, embryo, gamete or embryonic stem (ES) cell line with a knockout or transgene for your gene of interest. If you need help creating a mouse with an intermediate product (i.e. a vector or ES cell), we can help with that too!

Please contact with additional questions or concerns or when you’re ready to make your live mouse.

Mouse Racks